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Montgomery City is the county seat of Montgomery County and the largest community in the immediate area. It is centrally located to cities in the region, such as Chicago, Memphis and Kansas City, and is adjacent to the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area.  The city lies four miles north of Interstate 70, the major highway route between St. Louis and Kansas City and is served by State Highways 19, 161, and B.

There are two publicly owned industrial and commercial sites in Montgomery City. This site, known as the Montgomery City Industrial Park, is located on the southwestern edge of Montgomery City.   It is bordered on the east by the Norfolk Southern Railroad and on the west by Industrial Park Drive.  The Montgomery City Industrial Park is within the corporate limits of Montgomery City.

Detailed Description of the Site

Land in the Industrial Park slopes gently from the east along State Highway 19 to the west along Industrial Park Drive.

Storm water drainage in the Industrial Park is accomplished with ditches, swales, and some storm sewers. The ditches, swales, and storm sewers have been sized using the Rational Method and the fifteen-year frequency storm design values. 

Utilities, including water, natural gas, sanitary sewers, electric, and telephone service are already in the Industrial Park.

Subsurface soils at the Industrial Park consist generally of about 0 to 2 foot of firm topsoil underlain by firm to stiff, silty clay extends to an undetermined depth. This firm to stiff silty clay is generally considered suitable to support light to medium building loads on spread footings. 

The general philosophy for grading at the Industrial Park was established by the requirements for storm water drainage.  A system of ditches, swales and underground storm sewers had to be constructed on the site. This construction dictated the grading plan, which was implemented by using the natural slope of the site.

Rail service to the Industrial Park will be furnished by the Norfolk Southern Railroad Company. Their main line between St. Louis and Kansas City is on the eastern edge of the Park.

The Montgomery City Industrial Park is accessed by two intersections.  One is the Walker Street intersection to the north.  This intersection allows access from State Highway 19 and both Walker and Allen streets.  A new dedicated intersection to the Industrial Park was completed in 2001.  This new intersection allows access directly into the Industrial Park from State Highway 19, allowing drivers to turn directly onto Niedergerke Drive.  All roads in the Industrial Park are improved asphalt with curbs and storm water drainage.  These roads were all designed with heavy truck traffic in mind, and are wide enough to allow for large truck traffic.